Félix Blume (France, 1984) is a sound artist and sound engineer. He currently works and lives between Mexico and France.
His work focuses on listening, inviting us to sonic experiences, leading to a different perception of the surrounding. He uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities, using the public space to experiment and present his works.
He is interested in myth and their contemporary interpretation, in the dialogue between nature and humans, in what voices told us beyond the words.

His sound pieces were broadcast in radios from all over the world as in different spaces such as Centre Pompidou y Musée d’Orsay (France). He has awarded with the “soundscape” prize for his last video-piece Curupira, creature of the wood and the “Pierre Schaeffer” prize for his work Los Gritos de México at the Phonurgia Nova Awards.
In 2018, he has done a sound installation in the waves for the Thailand Biennale, Rumors from the sea, composed of hundred of bamboos and flutes.
He has participate in international festivals and exhibitions as LOOP Barcelona (2015), CCCB Barcelona (2015), Tsonami Arte Sonoro Chile (2015, 2018), Fonoteca Nacional Mexico (2016), Ex Teresa Mexico (2016), CENTEX Chile (2017), CTM Berlin (2017), Belluard Festival (2018), Arts Santa Monica Barcelona (2018) and Thailand Biennale (2018) among others.

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Exhibitions (does not include screenings, listening sessions, lives and radio broadcasts):
2018 Sapo, Festival Tsonami, Valparaíso (Chile)
201Rumors from the sea, Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018 (Thailand)
2018 Memoria del hierro, Museo Juan Soriano Cuernavaca (Mexico)
2018 Son Seul / Wildtrack, Festival Belluard International (Switzerland)
2018  Fuga and Pirate Disc, Mexican Cultural Institue of New York (USA)
2018  SilencioArts Santa Monica (Spain)
2018  El placer de OírB.A.S.E Tsonami Arte Sonoro (Valparaíso, Chile)
2018  Possible Citie(s), Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca (Mexico)
2018  Memoria del hierro, Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico City)
2018  SilencioACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Spain)
2018  Possible Citie(s), Facultad del Habitat de la Universad de San Luis Potosí (Mexico)

2017  Possible Citie(s), Escuela de Arquitectura de Tijuana (Mexico)
2017  Baston Sonoro and El placer de Oír  CENTEX (Valparaíso, Chile)
2017  Possible Citie(s), Alliance Française Guadalajara (Mexico)
2017  FugaZonas Fronterizas, Galería Espai 10 (Barcelona, Spain)
2017  Silencio, Sala Trinitaris Vilafranca (Spain)
2017  A Media Voz, CENTEX (Valparaíso, Chile)
2017  Informal Chorus (in collaboration with Daniel Godínez Nivón), Faro Aragon (Mexico City)
2017  SilencioEspacio Can Manyé (Spain)
2017  Informal Chorus (in collaboration with Daniel Godínez Nivón), MASIN (Sinaloa, Mexico)
2017  Port au Prince, Invisible City, Festival Handicap et Culture (Port au Prince, Haïti)
2017  Possible Citie(s), Casa de Francia (Mexico City)
2017  Iron Memory, Constellations of the Audio Machine in Mexico, CTM 2017 (Berlin, Germany)
2016  Informal Chorus (in collaboration with Daniel Godínez Nivón), Centro Cultural Tlatelolco (Mexico City)
2016  Sonic Traffic Light, Public Installation in Madero Street (Mexico City)
2016  Invisible Citie(s), Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico City)
2016  Sound Cane & Sonic Traffic Light ChileCENTEX (Valparaíso, Chile)
2016  Pirate Disc, Polyphonic Chorus, Informal Chorus (in collaboration with Daniel Godínez Nivón) & Los Gritos de MéxicoFonoteca Nacional de México (Mexico City) – Individual Show
2016  Amplified Reality (in collaboration with Jérôme Fino), Casa de Francia (Mexico City) – Individual Show
2016  Ruido(s) I & Ruido(s) II, Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico City)
2016 An Idea Of Border(s), Festival Encode (Italy)
2015  Sonic Traffic Light ChileTSONAMI Arte Sonoro (Valparaíso, Chile)
2015  Sonic Traffic Light Essay, La Polis Imagi-nada, Quinto Piso (Mexico City)
2015  Arenas & Los Gritos de México, CCCB (Barcelona, Spain)
2015  Pirate Listenings (in collaboration with Jérôme Fino), Sonic Protest (Paris, France)
2015  Los Gritos de México, LOOP (Barcelona, Spain)
2015  Son Seul / Wildtrack, Galerie Labor Neunzehn – festival Tansmedial Vorspiel (Berlin, Germany)
2015  Son Seul / Wildtrack, Festival REWIND Phonurgia (Arles, France)
2015  Son Seul / Wildtrack, Instants Chavirés (Paris, France)
2014  Son Seul / Wildtrack, Festival MONOPHONIC (Brussels, Belgium)

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