Memoria del hierro

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A transducer system makes a metallic wall resonate, so it becomes a sort of expanded speaker. The surface amplifies the recordings gathered by the artist using contact microphones placed on the police barricades during the Mexico City’ protests against the energy reform in 2013. Originally the sounds recorded and transformed by the artist were the result of the rocks used by the demonstrators to hit the barricades.

Iron sculpture (6,90 x 3,10m x 1,10m), 8 sound exciters, 4 amplifiers, audio player and field recordings.
Curated by Carlos Prieto
In collaboration with Taller Pico de Gallo: Ricardo Ángeles Reyes, José Ariel Iraolagoitía Romero, Carlos Delgadillo Miranda and Fernando Ben Israel Acuña Ramos.
Thanks to: Andres Blume, Sara Lana, Gabriel Lecup, Adriana Santiago and Ana Cecilia Medina.
Exhibition: CTM 2017 Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien (Berlin) from 28 January to 19 March 2017, Ex Teresa (Mexico City) from 19 April to 27 May 2018, MMAC Cuernavaca (Mexico) 2018-2019,

Resurrecciones de la Materia, un diálogo y otro 
en Jeronimo Mx por Jessica Díaz (Spanish)
Es rauscht und klingt und kracht, Press Article in (German)
Angriff auf den Wahrnehmungsapparat, Press Article in Berliner Zeitung (German)

Pictures from the exhibition in Berlin during CTM 2017 at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien

Pictures from the exhibition in Cuernavaca, Mexico (2018-2019) at MMAC Juan Soriano

Pictures of the protest against the energy reform in 2013, during which the sounds played in the installation were recorded.