With each passing minute, a piece of rice paper falls to the ground. The minimal act of this installation produces a soft sound, a poetic image of a whisper listening, the frontier between silence and sound. From his engineering background, Félix Blume explores decibelium concept, an imprecise measure unit expressing the intensity level of a sound. The paper sheets accumulation in the exhibit space materializes the passage of time and the memory of their contact with the ground.

Exhibition:  Espacio Can Manyé (Spain) from the 9th of junte until 3rd of july 2017, Sala Del Trinitaris Vilafranca (Spain) from 22nd of septembre until 29th of october 2017,
Curator: Jordi Tolosa
Machine design: Fernando Lomelí Bravo
Thanks to: Cecilia Sanchez Nava, Sara Lana, Ana Cecilia Medina

Fulletó 3

Sala Del Trinitaris VilafrancaSilencio Vilafranca

Sala Del Trinitaris Vilafranca (october 2017)