Son Seul / Wildtrack

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Félix Blume is a sound engineer for the movies. Like many of his colleagues, he spends hours after the shooting, recording “lonely sounds”. They are called lonely because they don’t have a synchronous image, but it could also come from the fact that the engineer is lonely, away from the bustling sounds of the team, busy finding noises and atmospheres typical to the location, that will enrich the future film editing. It is from these expectations and obstination that an outside ear could find strange or funny, that Félix Blume got the idea to create these short films.
Étienne Noiseau,

Belluard Festival: Very short silent films full of sounds
An empty can is pushed around by the wind In the Chilean desert. A donkey ambles through a field in the South of France. A man trudges through the snowy mountains of Bolivia. A train announcement echoes through a Swiss railroad station. Each of these videos has a commonality: Félix Blume and his microphone, doggedly capturing wild tracks that will later be used in the soundscapes of some film.
A sound engineer for over a decade, Félix Blume realized one day that while hunting for sounds, he also produces images that are often absurd, poetic, crazy of even funny. During the Belluard Festival, the artist creates a daily video within the town of Fribourg, letting us perceive the city with different eyes – or in this case, different ears.
In collaboration with Gionata Morganti.

Screening:  Espace Les Mariniers  (Brussels, 2014), “la Nuit de la Radio” (Ganges, France, 2015), Instants Chavirés (Paris, 2015), Nuit du Silence during Festival REWIND Phonurgia (Arles, France, 2016), Cinéréseaux (Bordeaux, France, 2018), Les Rencontres de Cerbère (France, 2018), Festival SonOhr (Bern, Switzerland, 2019), Tehdas Theatre (Finland, 2019), 

Video Installation: Festival Monophonic (Brussels, 2014),  Galerie Labor Neunzehn during the festival Tansmedial Vorspiel (Berlin, 2015), Festival REWIND Phonurgia (Arles, France, 2016), Festival Belluard with a new serie of videos for the festival (Fribourg, Switzerland, 2018), The Cube Space / Taiwan International Documentary Festival (Taiwan, 2018), Lisboa Soa (Lisbon, 2019), Frontiers of Solitude (Czech Republic, 2019), 

Link to the video-serie on Vimeo

Pictures by Gionata Morganti, Sara Lana & Félix Blume during Belluard Festival.