Son Seul / Wildtrack

English / Français / Español

Félix Blume has been a sound engineer for films and documentaries for over a decade. Like his colleagues, he spends hours recording sounds alone after the shooting, finding noises and atmospheres typical to the location that will then enrich the film editing. Those sounds are called “Wildtracks” in English, “Sons seuls” in French.
One day while hunting for sounds, he realized he also produces images that are often absurd, poetic, crazy of even funny.
 While the point of view of the camera is static, the point of listening is moving. The action happens at the end of the microphone boom, producing a shift that invite us to watch with a new ear. The video series is composed of 35 short films recorded in all around the world.


Link to the video-serie on Vimeo

 Espace Les Mariniers  (Brussels, 2014), “la Nuit de la Radio” (Ganges, France, 2015), Instants Chavirés (Paris, 2015), Nuit du Silence during Festival REWIND Phonurgia (Arles, France, 2016), Cinéréseaux (Bordeaux, France, 2018), Les Rencontres de Cerbère (France, 2018), Festival SonOhr (Bern, Switzerland, 2019),
Tehdas Theatre (Finland, 2019), Festival Salmon (Barcelona, 2020)

Video Installation: Festival Monophonic (Brussels, 2014),  Galerie Labor Neunzehn during the festival Tansmedial Vorspiel (Berlin, 2015), Festival REWIND Phonurgia (Arles, France, 2016), Festival Belluard with a new serie of videos for the festival (Fribourg, Switzerland, 2018), The Cube Space / Taiwan International Documentary Festival (Taiwan, 2018), Lisboa Soa (Lisbon, 2019), Frontiers of Solitude (Czech Republic, 2019), 

Texts: Étienne Noiseau, Belluard Festival,

Pictures by Gionata Morganti, Sara Lana & Félix Blume during Belluard Festival.