GRAN SABANA by Félix Blume

GRAN SABANA – Gold fever and cock Fights (9’13’’)
Birds, insects and gold fever: welcome to Gran Sabana. A vivid landscape betweeen savanah and the Amazonian forest in Venezuela, near the Brazilian border. Noisy animals and a few men, digging the earth for very little gold that they will later be spent on cock fights.

Directed and recorded by Félix Blume
Mix by Arnaud Forest
Sounds recorded during the shooting of FIEBRES by Adrien Lecouturier
BROADCASTS: SoundProof @ ABC Radio (Australia), Phaune Radio (France), Kunstradio (Austria), Nuit de la radio @ Ganges (France), Festival Cine Documental FIDOCS (Santiago de Chile), Festival Radiobiograf (Denmark), Radio Grenouille (France), Euphonia (France), Radio Parfaite / Festival Printemps des Arts (Monaco),